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Moving People

The Arvada community is served by a multi-modal transportation system that includes easy access to the regional and national road system, a regional mass transit system, bicycle and pedestrian trails and easy access to international and general air transportation.

Road System
Arvada has easy access to Interstate 70, Interstate 76 and to US 36 (Boulder Turnpike) providing quick access to all of Colorado. The community is also served by many regional roadways including Wadsworth Boulevard, Sheridan Boulevard, Indiana Street, Ralston Road (W. 58th Avenue), W. 64th Avenue, W. 72nd Avenue and W. 80th Avenue. The city's comprehensive plan provides for a well defined roadway system to serve the entire community.

Mass Transit
The Regional Transportation District (RTD) provides Arvada with a comprehensive bus route system that connects the Denver Metropolitan area. A call-n-ride service that provides curb-to-curb transportation is also operated by RTD to serve the southeast Arvada area. In addition to these services the City has partnered with Ride Provide Inc. to provide the A-Line non-stop shuttle service between the Olde Town Arvada park-n-Ride and the Denver International Airport (DIA). The G Line commuter rail will provide additional transportation options for all when it opens on April 26, 2019. For updates, visit G Line Updates.

Bicycle and Pedestrian
An extensive on and off street trail system provides the community with access both on foot and on bike throughout the community and is also connected to the regional trail system along Clear Creek, which ties into the South Platte River trail system. The City's Comprehensive plan includes a complete trail system to serve both recreational and commuter users.

Air Transportation
Denver International Airport (DIA) provides international commercial air travel for the region. Arvada is a short 40 minute trip to DIA, or you can use the A-Line shuttle service from the Olde Town Arvada park-n-Ride. General air service is also available at the Jefferson County Airport and is located several miles north of the city.


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