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Construction Work on Indiana Near New King Soopers

Construction in the vicinity of Candelas Pkwy and Indiana Street near the new King Soopers is related to infrastructure being built by the King Soopers developer. The project is not a City project.

This project required the installation of two 8' x 10' concrete box culverts and road widening.  The work required traffic lane shifts and temporary construction to accommodate the shifts. The improvements on the east side are essentially complete.  The west side was delayed while power lines were undergrounded. The remaining underground utility work is scheduled to be complete by the end of November. 

Final grading and paving work is scheduled for mid-December with full completion of the improvements by early January 2018.  The schedule is weather dependent.

Questions or concerns should be directed to Brandon Collins, Candelas Development Project Manager, 303-589-3728 or