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Concrete Replacement Program

As part of an ongoing effort to provide safe, well-maintained neighborhood streets to the community, the City of Arvada is beginning the 2021 Concrete Replacement Program. For this work, which occurs every year during warmer months, construction crews will replace sections of concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk in certain neighborhoods. 

Benefits to the Resident  

  • Safer sidewalks with smoother surfaces and reduced trip hazards.
  • More attractive sidewalks.
  • More economical (because the City bears the cost not the homeowner).

Where and When

Concrete replacement will occur in several areas of the City. Work will be localized to a limited number of larger sections. If your neighborhood is affected, you may see construction in your area for a longer time period, but the approach reduces cost and saves work time. For specific streets, please see the map linked below. 

Each section will take approximately four to five weeks to complete. Here's are general descriptions of locations:Concrete Replacement map

  • Between W 83rd and W 81st Ave, Kipling Street and Hoyt Way and adjoining roads.
  • South of W 80th Ave, roads adjoining Club Crest Drive. Carr Drive between W 80th Ave and W 74th Ave.
  • W 66th Ave between Oberon Road and Oak Street. ‚Äč
  • Ralston Road between Miller Street and W 58th Avenue.
  • Between W 80th Ave and W 76th Ave, Wadsworth Blvd and Pierce St.
  • Between W 72nd Ave and 69th Ave, Fenton St and Pierce St.
  • Between W 66th Ave and W 64th Ave, Wadsworth Bypass and Tennyson St.
  • Grandview Ave.

What to Expect

There is NO financial responsibility to homeowners or businesses affected by this work. If work is being done in your neighborhood, the City's contractor, Triple M Construction, will distribute bright green colored door hanger notifications to residents prior to work commencing. Residents will also receive a postcard in advance of construction in their neighborhood.

During the construction:

  • Temporary traffic control devices will be in place to direct traffic in the work zone.
  • Access will be provided to all residences during the construction. If you need accommodations, please call City of Arvada Streets division at 720-898-7720 as soon as possible.
  • There will be open street cuts at times, and caution should be used in the vicinity of the construction operations.
  • Landscaping that abuts the work area will be removed. The contractor will return to repair sprinkler lines and fill the affected area with dirt at the end of the project.

Please note: We cannot add driveway cuts during this project.


If you have further questions or concerns about the concrete replacements in your area, please call Triple M Construction, 720-331-6342 or the City of Arvada Streets division, 720-898-7720.

If you are looking for information about the city's 50/50 curb and gutter sidewalk replacement program, visit