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Chip Seal (Asphalt) Program

As part of the 2019 Chip Seal (Asphalt) Program, crews may be in your area (see map below). Chip seal is an economical way to fill cracks in roads and lengthen the life of the road. It is also a relatively fast process thereby reducing disruption to residents.

Where and When

The Chip Seal process will occur late summer, early fall of 2019. The affected neighborhoods are located between 64th Avenue and 86th Parkway, west of Simms Street.

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Chip Seal Map


What to Expect During Construction

  • 24-48 hours prior to work beginning on your street, the contractor will place a bright green door hanger on your front door with additional information about the construction process.   
  • "No Parking” signs will be placed on your street for the duration of the work. 
  • Chip seal work moves relatively quickly, therefore disruptions on each street should be temporary.
  • Anticipate reduced speeds and periodic lane closures.
  • We urge drivers to maintain appropriate speeds to maintain safety.

We understand that construction can be inconvenient, and we appreciate your patience. Maintaining the roads in your neighborhood through the chip seal process will leave your roads in better condition for the next 8-10 years.

Benefits of Chip Sealing Roads

  • Helps keep water from penetrating the road structure beneath a paved surface
  • Treats the surface of the road creating a new wearing surface and extends the life of the road
  • Seals the pavement surface which slows the road aging process
  • Provides a highly skid-resistant surface, particularly helpful when pavement is wet
  • Efficient use of taxpayer funds versus asphalt mill and overlay which is approximately three times the cost of chip seal. 

You can read more about different pavement surface treatment types at


If you have questions or concerns, please contact A1 Chipseal at 303-464-9267 or you may contact the City of Arvada Engineering Division at 720-898-7640.