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Capital and Maintenance Improvement Projects

Below is a list of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) and Maintenance Improvement Projects that Engineering manages and may impact your commute. 


Status Project Summary Description Cost
  CIP UPRR Quiet Zones - Lamar Street, Olde Wadsworth Boulevard, Carr Street, and W. 66th Avenue and new traffic signals at Carr Street and W. 66th Ave crossings. Install Quiet Zones on the UPRR at Lamar St., Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Carr St., and W. 66th Ave. $888,547.00
  MIP Signal timing project with DRCOG Retain consultant to evaluate signal timing along all corridors and recommend any necessary changes for smoother traffic flow.  
  CIP Olde Wadsworth Pedestrian Signal Install signal 150 ft. south or RR tracks on Olde Wadsworth to allow pedestrian crossing to Transit Hub. $179,577.00
  MIP 2016 Misc. Drainage Projects Storm drainage improvements at various locations identified over the past year. $384,631.00
  CIP Lake Arbor Bridge Replacement Replace existing pedestrian bridge over Lake Arbor outlet to handle vehicle traffic. $137,150.00
  MIP Meadowglen Lake Bank Stabilization Design retaining wall and new trail around north edge of lake. $454,566.25
  CIP Leyden Creek/Church Ditch Trail Bridge Install a bridge over the Church Ditch to accommodate trail users and heavy service vehicles accessing wastewater manholes. $156,131.00
  CIP W. 55th Avenue – Wadsworth By-Pass Intersection Construction CDOT project to eliminate thru lanes and left turn lanes from 55th Ave EB and WB to accommodate new full movement intersection at 56th Ave.