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Bicycling in Arvada

Have you heard of the Safety Stop? This new Colorado law makes it legal for cyclists (and other low-speed conveyances) to treat stop signs like yield signs and stop lights like stop signs. See more information below.

Arvada boasts a strong culture of recreational bicycle riding, but residents also ride with purpose: for both health and utility. The City’s Comprehensive Plan and Bike Master Plan envision a city where bicycling is a safe, convenient and efficient option for every trip.

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NEW! Colorado Safety Stop Law

In April of 2022, Colorado passed a new bike law, referred to as the Safety Stop. This law makes it legal for cyclists (and other low-speed conveyances) to:

  • Treat stop signs like yield signs
  • Red lights like stop signs

After checking for traffic, you can then proceed through the intersection.

What is a “low-speed conveyance”?

A small profile, low-speed vehicle used for transportation and recreation. Examples include, bikes, e-bikes, electric scooters (not including mopeds), wheelchairs. 

Why is this important?

Intersections are the most dangerous location for cyclists. By moving out of the intersection, low-speed conveyances can get out of the conflict zone more quickly, improving safety for everyone.

Bike Training Course

Do you have a young one in your family looking for a safe place to learn how to ride a bike? Do you know anyone who needs a lesson in safe biking? Arvada has a Bike Training Course! For more information visit the Bike Training Course web page.

Bicycle Friendly Community

Arvada is already a silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community, but we are committed to making it even better. In October 2017, City Council meeting, Council approved the 2017 Bicycle Master Plan which will make bicycling a safe, convenient, and efficient option for every trip in Arvada. For information on the building blocks required to be a bike friendly community, visit the League of American Bicyclists under Resources.

Go for a Community Bike Ride

Bike Friendly Arvada leads fun, free, family-friendly community bike rides all summer. Visit the  Bike Friendly Arvada website.


For more information, contact Traffic Engineering, 720-898-7740.



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