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Trees (Urban Forestry)

The City of Arvada is home to a diverse and beautiful array of wildlife and plants. Trees are a major part of the City’s infrastructure, providing both beauty and supporting vital ecosystems. Our goal is to help promote and preserve Arvada's urban forest.

What We Do 

  • What do we do? We care for trees!
  • Prune trees for aesthetics, health and safety
  • Remove trees and branches to eliminate hazard conditions
  • Plant trees with an emphasis on diversity
  • Identify, diagnose and treat tree ailments
  • In the past, we have provided free mulch to residents, but during the construction of our new parks maintenance facility, we will not be offering mulch.

What You Can Do

Prepare Your Trees for Winter

It may be hard to believe with more than 400K trees in Arvada that the Front Range is a difficult place to grow trees due to limited precipitation, temperature extremes and marginal soils. As the trees start to go dormant, there are a few important things we can do to help them through the winter months.

  • Wrap the trunks of young trees with a commercial tree wrap. 
    The Parks staff wrap all young thin barked trees like Lindens, Oaks, Honey Locust and Maples from the ground up to the first branch beginning November 1 until early April to insulate the tree trunks. On November 2014, the temperature dropped 77 degrees in hours, causing the eventual death of thousands of trees along the Front Range.
  • Place some type of organic mulch around the base of the tree. 
    Parks staff apply 2-3 inches of wood chip mulch around the trunk. Be careful to keep it back from the trunk wood. This mulch layer helps to hold in moisture, insulate the root system from temperature extremes and will, over time, break down and return nutrients to the soil. 
  • Water is critical even during dry winter months. 
    Water the area from the trunk to the outer most branches called the drip line. Water slowly at a rate of 10 gallons per diameter inch of trunk. If the winter is dry and the ground isn’t frozen, try to water at least once per month. Remember young trees have a much less-extensive root system and need more care.

Plant a Tree 

The City of Arvada Plant A Tree Program is designed to inspire our residents and promote the planting of trees in the city's parks and open spaces; as a rewarding and unique means of paying tribute, honoring, commemorating or celebrating special times.

Beautifully commemorate

  • The birth of children
  • The passing of a loved one
  • Anniversaries
  • … and other special memories!

Donate a Tree 

If you have a tree on your property that is in the way of construction or has outgrown its present location, the City of Arvada's forestry division will consider transplanting it to one of Arvada's many parks.

We will visit your site to determine if the tree is suitable to be moved. Donations to the City are tax deductible.

Contact City Forester Craig Hillegass 720-898-7422 for more information.

What Trees Do For Us

  • Shade and cool our homes
  • Clean our air and produce oxygen
  • Help reduce soil erosion
  • Lower utility bills
  • Protect rivers and streams
  • Provide homes for birds and other animals
  • Add beauty and enrich our lives


City of Arvada Parks Maintenance 720-898-7410