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Primary and Additional Trails

Arvada's 150+ Mile Trail Network includes sections of two regional trails, three major trails and several shorter trails.

Please Note: Equestrian use (horses) permitted on trails noted with an asterisk ( * ) and where signs indicate approved equestrian use. 

Regional Trails

Regional trails link to other cities and counties outside Arvada's boundaries. 

Rocky Mountain Greenway Trail  4.5 miles within Arvada (approximately 27-miles from Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge to Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge) 
This ambitious regional trail project, initiated under the America’s Great Outdoors program, is the result of a partnership among participating cities and the Federal government to connect three Urban National Wildlife Refuges in the metro area with a single scenic trail route. Starting at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, the trail winds west to Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge in Arvada before bearing north and west through preserved park and open space and terminating at the eastern edge of Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge.  

Big Dry Creek Trail *  2.7 miles west of Indiana Street, 0.5 miles east of Indiana Street
This regional trail starts in northwest Arvada and follows its namesake waterway through neighborhoods and past multiple parks and open spaces as it flows eastward. Existing and planned underpasses allow users to avoid street crossings and enjoy the continuity of open space scenery. Big Dry Creek Trail is planned to connect eastward toward Standley Lake, eventually tying in to the regional route that extends east through multiple cities. 

Major Trails

There are three major east/west trails that run through Arvada. Primary Trails in the City of Arvada generally follow creek or canal corridors and span longer distances. Learn more about each of these trails below.

Local Trails 

Local trails are shorter in length and are located in various parts of Arvada. Visit Local Trails to learn more about about each trail.

Barbara Gulch Trail * 1.25 miles
West of the Town of Leyden, this trail departs Leyden Creek Trail and follows the Barbara Gulch drainage into preserved Barbara Gulch Open Space. 

Heritage Canal Trail Total 1.75 miles
Known within Arvada as the trail that parallels Croke and Farmers’ High Line Canals.

Leyden Creek Trail * 0.25 miles
Discover the tranquility and spectacular scenery of western Arvada on natural surfaces within Pattridge Open Space along Leyden Creek west of the Town of Leyden. 3.75 miles. Ramble or ride through open space lands and parks north of W. 72nd Avenue, west of Simms Street where you’ll find shady picnic and play areas. 

Moon Gulch Trail * 2.0 miles
Just west of the Indiana Equestrian Center and Arvada Indoor Equestrian Arena, this scenic trail winds through Saddle Brook Park and Moon Gulch Open Space. West of Quaker Street, the primary trail continues up the Moon Creek drainage to Spring Mesa Park, while other trail spurs lead to Spring Mesa Open Space, Leyden Creek Trail in Pattridge Open Space, and Tucker Lake Open Space. 

Blunn Trail * 1.3 miles
Multi-use trail east of Arvada Blunn Reservoir is a north-south connector between major regional trails. 

Discovery Trail 1.5 miles
Lake Arbor in northeast Arvada is the starting point for this paved neighborhood trail. S

Fairmount Trail * 0.75 miles in Arvada
This flat multi-use trail picks up where Ralston Creek Trail terminates at W. 64th Avenue near S.H. 93.

Independence Trail 1.0 miles
In northwest Arvada, this trail parallels the south edge of Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge west from Indiana Street to a trailhead at W. 95th Lane west of Poppy Way. 

Interurban Trail 1.3 miles
This trail traces a short portion of an original Denver Tramway System trolley route known as the Golden Line, which ran from W. 51st Avenue and Teller Street.

Rainbow Trail 1.1 miles
Paved trail which parallels Little Dry Creek Trail in northeast Arvada. 

Union Street Trail 0.6 miles
A north-south trail starting just north of Fremont Elementary School links Harry S. Truman Park and Danny Kendricks East Park.

Wayne Lunn Trail 2.0 miles
North-south route paralleling Ward Road between W. 52nd and W. 72nd Avenues. 

Yankee Doodle Trail 1.2 miles
This trail begins west of Fremont Elementary School and continues west through Yankee Doodle Park to Eldridge Street. 

Majestic View Trails Total 0.75 miles
Majestic View Park includes three short trails: Prairie Trail (paved, 0.1 miles), Interpretive Trail (paved, 0.35 miles) and Cattail Trail through wildlife resting area (gravel, 0.3 miles). View a trail map and guide to commonly seen wildlife.