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Parks/Trails Maintenance FAQs

Arvada residents often contact our Parks staff with questions related to the maintenance of our parks and open space. We have put together a list of FAQs to help answer residents' questions

Parks/Trails FAQs

Are horses allowed in Arvada parks and on Arvada trails?

Horses are only allowed in designated areas and on designated trails in Arvada as defined by Arvada Municipal Code. Learn which trails/trail areas permit horses by visiting Equestrian-use trails are noted with an asterisk *. Signage on trails indicate approved equestrian use. 

How do I request a memorial tree or memorial park bench be added to a park?

You may request a memorial tree or park bench be placed in a City park by contacting our main parks maintenance number at 720-898-7410.

Who do I contact if I get locked in or out of an athletic field?

Please contact the Water Department at the after hours phone number 720-898-7820. 

What should I do if I notice graffiti in an Arvada park? 

Graffiti in an Arvada park should be reported to the parks maintenance staff at 720-898-7410. If you see graffiti happening in progress, call Police non-emergency at 720-898-6900 to report the crime. Graffiti on private property is the responsibility of the property owner.

Who is responsible for maintenance of the areas along the Farmers Highline Canal, Church Ditch and Croke Canal?

For an extensive list of FAQs regarding the canals and ditches that wind through Arvada (and all of Metro Denver), visit

Which parks have amenities, such as basketball, tennis, pickleball, etc?

Many City of Arvada parks have amenities such as basketball courts, volleyball pits, tennis and pickleball courts, etc.

  • Download this list of parks and the amenities for each.
  • For a map of tennis and pickleball courts, link here

Parks Maintenance FAQs

What should I do if trees are overhanging power lines?

Removing limbs from power lines is extremely dangerous. Please contact Xcel Energy. They will determine if it is on a service line to your home or on a secondary line for the neighborhood and will direct the course of removal. You may contact Xcel by calling 1-800-895-4999. More info at

Why does the City recommend residents not water during peak times of the day, but they routinely do so in the parks?

The primary reason why watering often occurs in parks during those daylight hours is that given the many hundreds of acres that require watering and the number of irrigation zones in any given park, there are simply not enough hours between 6 p.m. and 10 a.m. to complete the cycle.

Why does the City water parks and trails early in the morning, when people are using the trails?

Again, many hundreds of acres that require watering and the number of irrigation zones in any given park, there are simply not enough hours to complete the cycle when parks/trails users are not present.

How often does Parks staff assess playground equipment for safety?

Playground audits are performed annually in all parks January through March. Playground checks and repairs are conducted weekly in all parks January through September.  View Maintenance Tasks by Season.

What is the City's mowing policy for open space?

Large open space areas are only mowed once a year (if at all) to allow native grasses to thrive, which helps keep invasive species out. Native grasses can only thrive after they drop their seed heads. Mowing more often would interfere with and prevent that cycle. General open space mowing is done three times a year; the initial mowing occurs along trails. Additional mowing along the trails is conducted where trail usage exceeds the width of the trail. View our  Low Mow/Let it Grow PDF View the Maintenance Standards

What is the City's policy on the use of herbicides in parks and open space?

We apply herbicides to better control invasive species such as: Scotch Thistle, Emerald Ash Borer, Mountain Pine Beetle and Purple Loose Strife to name a few. All parks crew who are applicators are certified by the Department of Agriculture and attend classes to keep their credentials current.  View the Maintenance Standards

I live near a trail (or open space/park). When should I expect to see parks staff pruning the trees in these areas? 

With more than 30,000 trees on City property, maintaining them properly is a labor-intensive task. Pruning and other tree maintenance can be expected year around. Learn about tree removal in City parks.   View Maintenance Tasks by Season.

City-owned trees are overhanging my property. Can I trim them myself?

Yes, you may trim City-owned trees to your property line or contact our City Forester at 720-898-7410.

My trees are overhanging City property. Is the City allowed to trim them?

Yes, the City is allowed to trim resident-owned trees to our property line. Contact our City Forester at 720-898-7410 with additional questions.




City of Arvada Parks Maintenance: 720-898-7410