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Park Loops and Neighborhood Routes

Park Loops (under 2 miles)

North East North West South West South East
Lake Arbor Park Loop: 1.16 miles Saddlebrook Park Lake Loop: 0.34 mi
0.25 miles.
Four Acre Lake Park Loop: 0.35 miles
Pomona Lake Loop: 0.67 miles Sarah George Park Loop: 0.34 mi Meadowlake Park Loop: 0.4 miles Ralston Central Park Loop: 0.33 miles
Independence Park Loop: 0.33 miles Whisper Creek Park Loop: 0.34 mi
0.33 miles
Wolff Park Loop: 0.3 miles
Majestic View Loop: 0.41 miles   Jack B. Tomlinson Park Loop: 0.45 miles

Tennyson Knolls Park Loop: 0.23 miles

Neighborhood Routes (approx. 1 mile one way)

Secrest Park to Homestead Park: 1.12 miles

Tennyson Knolls to Gold Strike Station: 1.00 miles

Arvada Ridge to Stenger-Lutz: 1.14 miles

Terrace Park to Tomlinson Park: 0.91 miles