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Health-Based Park Concept

Project Overview

The City of Arvada and Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) are working together to develop a new park in the Arvada Ridge area which seeks to meet identified public park service gaps and support higher education curriculum at the RRCC Arvada Campus.  

One of the first of its kind in the nation, Arvada's newest park will focus on whole-body health and offer a variety of uses for all ages and abilities, provide interactive features, and improve community access to free health opportunities and solutions to chronic health issues. Residents, practitioners, faculty, students, artists, and other stakeholders are invited to help shape the vision for this new park.

2022 Estimated Timeline

  • Summer: Internal Review Process Continues
  • Fall: Review Process with RRCC
  • Late fall: Construction Request for Proposals posted
  • Winter: Construction preparation
  • 2023: Construction

Note: The construction may be phased based on the availability of funding, construction timeline, and staff capacity though it is the City’s intent to complete the project as a whole at this time.

Final Master Plan

A Final Master Plan was developed in November 2017 as a result of an earlier public engagement process including: an open house, focus groups, and various opportunities for stakeholder feedback. The Final Master Plan combines elements from multiple concept plans presented to the public in September 2017 and modified in response to public input.

Final Master Plan (Pictured below):

  • Looped concrete trail and gravel path with multiple park entrances. Routes to all primary destinations meet all current accessibility standards.

  • An amphitheater-style outdoor classroom tucked into the hillside on the west takes  advantage of existing topography, and introduces a staircase challenge.

  • To the northwest, a labyrinth, reflexology path, garden area, and large shade shelter are included.

  • A turf lawn area is proposed central to the site for small group activities. 

  • A smaller plaza and more active creative play area (no traditional play equipment) is proposed central and north of the turf activity area. 

  • Yoga, tai chi, and similar activities can be held in the shelters, outdoor classroom, or open lawn. 

  • Park shapes, colors, and directional elements within the hardscape reflect Feng Shui principles. 

image of final master plan