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Clear Creek Corridor Master Plan

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In partnership with the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District, Adams County, the City of Denver and the City of Wheat Ridge, the City of Arvada is offering opportunities in June for people to share their opinions about recreational and habitat activities along the Clear Creek Corridor.
1) In person early Wednesday morning, June 26, in Gold Strike Park for Bike to Work Day. 
3) Online through the Clear Creek Master Plan survey the entire month of June at

Project Overview

The City of Arvada is developing a master plan of the Clear Creek Corridor in cooperation with the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District, Adams County, the City of Denver and the City of Wheat Ridge. The plan will identify future recreational opportunities and habitat improvements along the corridor through the Arvada reach and surrounding areas. There are several public outreach events coming up to voice your opinion on what you would like to see in these areas. Overview Map


Description of the Study Area:

Clear Creek has a long history of gravel mining, landfills, and industrial practices. The land uses along this corridor supports a mixture of established neighborhoods and industrial uses. Vegetation lines both sides of the creek and screens the industrial surroundings.

Overall Site Map


Project Details

The study area covers both banks of Clear Creek roughly between Tennyson Street and Wadsworth Boulevard. The Corridor Plan will evaluate the creek, existing public land and adjacent trails for:

  • Potential recreational uses
  • Better trail connectivity 
  • Animal habitat improvements

Opportunity Sites


The project team has identified three open space areas or “opportunity sites” within the study area for further open space design development.

Opportunity Site #1: 52nd and Marshall Trail Connection (at the intersection of 52nd Avenue, Marshall Street and Clear Creek)

Site 1


Opportunity Site #2: Gold Strike Park, (an existing park on the north bank of Clear Creek at the southwest intersection of Sheridan Boulevard and Ralston Road)

Site 2

Opportunity Site # 3: Clear Creek North Bank Open Space (on the north bank of Clear Creek between Sheridan Boulevard and Tennyson Street)

Site 3


City of Arvada Landscape Architect Mike Lee: