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Candelas Development Parks Update, April 2014

Located west of Indiana Street, north of S.H. 72 and south of Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge, the Candelas development will include five parks, extensive trail improvements and two recreation centers.

Maverick Mesa / (Candelas Park #3) The design for this park includes: access for a future trail underpass at Candelas Parkway that will connect south to a future Candelas “Central Park.”  Off-street parking is provided for an amphitheater in the park and access onto trails along Candelas Parkway and north to the Big Dry Creek Trail. Park design also includes: two small shade shelters over picnic tables, playground with benches, two grassy play ovals, one formal garden oval and a large canopy over the “stage” at the amphitheater. Construction started in late 2013 intended for a summer 2014 completion.

Haystack Plateau Park / (Candelas Park #4) The design for this park includes: trails, two tennis courts, playground, park furniture, picnic units, signage and lighting with trail access along Candelas Parkway and from the park north to the Big Dry Creek Trail. Construction is not anticipated in 2014.

Church’s Crossing Park / (Candelas Park #5) Designed around the west Candelas Recreation Center, this neighborhood park includes: a large picnic shelter, playground, several multi-purpose playfields with a backstop, park furniture, picnic tables and a basketball court. Big Dry Creek Trail will wind through the park with access south to the S.H. 72 Trail. Park construction started in late 2013 intended for a summer 2014 completion. 

Big Dry Creek Trail/ Continuous through Candelas, design of the Big Dry Creek Trail follows Big Dry Creek from a future trail underpass at Indiana Street west to S.H. 93. Trail design includes ADA trail access, neighborhood connections, underpass access at arterial streets, with signage for trail identification and rules and regulations. The first section of the trail is completed from the trail underpass at Candelas Parkway west to the next underpass at 95th Lane. The next section of the trail, west of 95th Lane, is under construction – intended for summer 2014 completion. 

(Rocky Flats) Independence Trail and Trail Heads/ Starting at the northeast corner of Candelas, Independence Trail follows the south edge of Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge west to the eastern Candelas trail head.  The existing trail provides wonderful views into the Refuge.  From the eastern Candelas trail head, the trail is proposed for future access north into and west through RFWR to a western Candelas trail head intended along the Big Dry Creek Trail. With the construction of Jefferson Parkway, parkway trails will extend north along the east edge of the RFWR and southwest along the parkway to Welton Reservoir, Barbara Gulch and Leyden Canyon, each with significant trail expansion.