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Map Gallery - PDFs

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Standard maps are created in digital PDF format to facilitate easy online viewing and printing capabilities of city wide and/or department specific geographic layers. If you don't already have the free Adobe PDF reader, you can download and install it from the Related Link area on the right.

If you are looking for detailed information on specific properties or locations check the Online Map Application Gallery for interactive GIS web applications.

If you are looking for downloadable GIS shapefile format check the OpenData Catalog for other GIS layers and city data.


General City and Regional Maps

Preview Map Name -- Description
Large City Map PDF City Map (Color)
Large format map (36"x 64") of the City of Arvada Map. You will need a large format plotter/printer or resize them to fit to your printers capabilities. Some text could be illegible if scaled to a smaller size.
Large City Map Grayscale PDF City Map (Black & White)
Large format map (36"x 64") of the City of Arvada Map. You will need a large format plotter/printer or resize them to fit to your printers capabilities. Some text could be illegible if scaled to a smaller size.
Small City Limits Map PDF City Limits
An 8 1/2 x 11" map showing the jurisdictional city limit boundary for the City of Arvada.
Regional Map PDF Regional Map
An 8 1/2 x 11" map showing the City of Arvada location in the Denver Metro area.


Government Maps

Preview Map Name -- Description
Council Districts PDF City Council Districts
The City of Arvada is divided into four Council Districts. The Mayor and two other councilmembers are elected "at large" meaning that they represent residents of the entire City of Arvada rather than a specific area or District.
Fire District Map PDF Fire Protection Districts
Arvada, Fairmount, Coal Creek Canyon, and Southwest Adams County Fire Districts are the 4 Fire Districts that serve Arvada and the surrounding areas. These Districts are separate from the City of Arvada but provide Fire and EMS services to our area.
Flood Plain Map PDF Flood Plain Areas
FEMA designated flood plain areas in Arvada


Planning and Zoning Maps

Preview Map Name -- Description
Comp Landuse PDF

Land Use (Comprehensive Plan)
The Comprehensive Plan is a guide to help the City make decisions and establish its future direction. This maps shows future land use categories and is also known as the Comp Plan.

Development Projects PDF

  Current Development Projects

This map shows where current Engineering , Streets and Traffic, and Utility infrastructure projects are occuring throughout the city. It is updated every quarter.

Historic Districts PDF Historic Districts
The Arvada Downtown, Reno Park, Stocke-Walter and the Churches Ranch Historic Districts are the 4 historic districts located in Arvada.
Subdivision Map PDF Subdivisions
Platted land inside and around the City of Arvada.
Urban Renewal Map PDF Urban Renewal Areas
The City of Arvada currently has various Urban Renewal Areas where redevelopment projects occur.

Zoning Map PDF

Zoning Map
Zoning Districts are created by dividing areas of land use and structures into certain categories. Zoning districts can also include restrictions such as, height, building density, and types of businesses. Generally zoning districts are divided into residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial categories.

Business Improvement Districts Map PDF

Business Improvement Districts (BID)
Arvada currently contains three Business Improvement Districts (BID). They are Arvada West Town Center, Indiana Marketplace, and Olde Town.



Parks and Recreation Maps

Preview Map Name -- Description
Trail Map PDF Trails Map
Arvada and the surrounding area has roughly 230 miles of trails and bike lanes in our trail network. This map shows the location of the bike, pedestrian, equestrian trails, and bike lanes in the network.
Parks and Open Space Map PDF Park & Open Space Ownership Map
This parks and open space layer shows the polygon areas for neighborhood parks, local golf courses, sports complexes, county open space areas, and a National Wildlife Refuge that are located in and around the City of Arvada.
Parks Department Trail Map Parks and Trails Brochure
This parks and trail map was created by an outside consultant for the Parks Dept and shown here for your convenience and use.


Transportation Maps

Preview Map Name -- Description
Snow Routes Map PDF Snow Removal Routes
This map shows the snow and ice removal routes for the Priority 1 and Priority 2 roads, school zones and hilly areas in Arvada. CDOT maintained state highways and interstates are also shown.
Jefferson Parkway Map PDF Jefferson Parkway - Proposed Route
The founding members of The Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority (JPPHA) are Jefferson County, the City of Arvada and the City and County of Broomfield. The JPPHA was formed to construct the last remaining unbuilt portion of the Denver metropolitan beltway system. This document shows the currently proposed route of the Jefferson Parkway.