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Maps and Data

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The Geo Data Services (GDS) division manages and presents maps for the City.  In an effort to ensure that the GDS division provides the necessary data for the community we have developed various ways to locate mapping information for the City of Arvada. These methods include standard PDF maps, GIS data download through our OpenData Catalog, and online map applications.

PDF Map Gallery

Standard maps are created in digital PDF format to facilitate easy online viewing and printing capabilities of city wide and/or department specific geographic layers.

Online Map Application Gallery

Online map applications are developed to allow address and intersection searches or map navigation in order to find property or other specific GIS layer information about areas in Arvada.

OpenData Catalog

The City of Arvada recently launched a data catalog through a new project called the Arvada OpenData Initiative. Arvada OpenData currently provides access to data, maps, and third-party applications through a searchable data catalog. You can access data in primarily through ESRI Shapefile format.

Please contact with any questions.