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COVID-19 Masks are required in all City of Arvada Facilities. Pursuant to the Jefferson County Health Order issued Oct. 8, everyone aged 2 and older must wear...
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Arvada Harvest Festival Update

This web page has been updated to provide more information about the City's role with the Arvada Harvest Festival, how the event has evolved over time, and what challenges the event has faced over the past several years, including more detail about why the Harvest Festival has been canceled for the past two years. 

We recognize that the Harvest Festival is an important and historic event for the Arvada community, and the City has been a proud partner of the Harvest Festival for many years, providing significant direct and in-kind support each year. The total cost to the City for its support of this event each year is between $70,000 and $100,000.

The City team also remains committed to an ongoing productive and collaborative relationship with the Harvest Festival Committee, the organizers of the festival responsible for the timely planning of the event. Together, we can ensure future events are safe and enjoyable for our community.