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Arts and Culture

In 2016, the Arvada City Council created the Arvada Arts and Culture Commission (AACC). The Commission's mission is to support, cultivate, and advocate for a variety of arts, culture, and heritage opportunities throughout our community, and its vision is: Arvada, Where Arts and Culture Live. Other goals include outreach and support of local artists; liaison and partner with the Arvada Historical Society, the Arvada Festivals Commission, the Parks Advisory Committee, and other organizations; create a Cultural District in Arvada.

In 2018, the AACC adopted a  Cultural Master Plan with the goals to:

  • CREATE opportunities for artists, arts organizations and cultural institutions to thrive by making places for artists, for public art, and for cultural and artistic events
  • INVEST in our future in arts and culture by funding public art, and arts and culture programs and events
  • INITIATE the events and activities that will awaken interest in arts and culture
  • SUPPORT artists, artistic and cultural events and activities, and make it easier for our artists and our arts and cultural institutions to create and innovate
  • ADVOCATE with our partners to create new activities and to find new sources of revenue


With the transition of the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities to a non-profit organization, the Arvada City Council recognized the need for a new commission to address community cultural advocacy and public art. In November of 2015, the Council established the Arvada Arts and Culture Commission and appointed members in April of 2016.

Arvada's Culture of Art

Arvada Artists: Arvada Has a Thriving Artistic Community. Learn more about local artists by visiting Arvada Artists.

Cultural Master Plan: The Plan was developed with input from many sectors of the community. Learn more and view the Cultural Master Plan.

Public Art: The City of Arvada owns hundreds of pieces of art, and looks for opportunities to expand its public art collection. Learn more about Arvada's Public Art, including the recent purchase of "Point Gate", by Jodie Roth Cooper.  



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