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Driving Basics in Colorado Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / Street Safety and Traffic Control

If you're new to Colorado, or just want to explore some great tools for driving in the state, these resources should help. Please be sure to visit the DMV for the latest driving handbook and info.   Essential Tools  Colorado DMV: Licenses  Colorado Motor Vehicle Law...

How to Navigate RTD G Line Crossings Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / G Line (Gold Line)

The railroad crossings along the Regional Transportation District’s (RTD) G Line are fully active and operating along the corridor, which winds through Adams County, Arvada and Wheat Ridge. Freight trains are currently maneuvering through the 16 crossings during most of the day and the G Line...

Gold Strike Station Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / G Line (Gold Line)

Image for Gold Strike Station
The Gold Strike Station, along the RTD G Line, provides an easy commute option for local employees, residents, and visitors.  East Arvada, where the Gold Strike Station is located, includes industrial, residential, and agricultural areas. Sidewalk and bike lane improvements on 60th Avenue...

Arvada Ridge Station Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / G Line (Gold Line)

Image for Arvada Ridge Station
The Arvada Ridge Station is an easy walk to Red Rocks Community College.  The Station is easy to access for pedestrians and cyclists thanks to a new underpass at Kipling Parkway. The nearby area features single and multi-family housing. A new park, coming soon, will feature inclined trails...

Common Parking Citations Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / Parking

Did you receive a civil parking citation, and are now looking for more information on why you received the ticket? This page has information about some of the most common parking citations residents and visitors receive. Common Ticket Reasons Loading zone infraction – definition is...

Bike Master Plan Updated
Explore / Recreation and Sports / Bicycling

Image for Bike Master Plan
The 2017 Bicycle Master Plan is designed to make Arvada a place where bicycling is a safe, convenient, and efficient option for every trip and was approved by City Council in October 2017. The plan is based around an idea called “Level of Traffic Stress.” It’s pretty simple-- we...

E-Bikes and E-Scooters Updated
Explore / Open Space and Nature / Trail Information

Image for E-Bikes and E-Scooters
The City of Arvada is updating its policy on the use of electric personal mobility devices (e-bikes, e-scooters, etc.) and is looking for feedback from the public. Our Process Research policy change impacts. Understand resident's perception/desires for electric personal...

Olde Town Employee and Residential Parking Permits Updated
Explore / Olde Town Arvada / Parking in Olde Town

ALL Employee and Residential Parking Permit questions should be directed to LAZ Parking at or 720-364-8587. To apply for an Employee or a Residential Parking Permit visit Employee Parking Permits Permits need to be...

Olde Town Arvada Updated
Explore / Olde Town Arvada

Historic Olde Town Arvada, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is home to residential living, robust shopping and dining experiences, and one of three Arvada stops along  RTD's G Line commuter rail taking residents and visitors to all areas of the Metro region and DIA....

Bicycle Recycle Program Updated
Explore / Recreation and Sports / Bicycling

Image for Bicycle Recycle Program
The 2022 Bike Recycle event was a HUGE success bringing in 400+ bikes! Thank you, Arvada residents and Arvada/Golden Optimists! The event will return next September. Dates TBD. About the Bike Recycle Program The Bicycle Recycle Program is a partnership between the City and the Golden/Arvada Lake...