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My Commute (Major Routes) Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / Cone Zone: Impacting Your Drive

Find out about street projects on major routes in Arvada and neighboring cities. If you're looking for real-time commute information, COtrip (by CDOT) provides interactive road work maps, information on road conditions and more.  Launch COtrip  ...

Arvada WinterFest Updated
Explore / Culture and Community / Festivals

Image for Arvada WinterFest
WinterFest The Arvada Festivals Commission is excited to host the third annual WinterFest, a culturally driven event to be held at McIlvoy Park on February 29, 2020. WinterFest is a free, family event with games, performances, music, vendors, food, and drinks from around the world....

Bicycle Recycle Program Updated
Explore / Recreation and Sports / Bicycling

About the Bike Recycle Program The Bicycle Recycle Program is a partnership between the City and the Golden/Arvada Lake Arbor Optimists. Bikes that are no longer used are collected, refurbished and then distributed to community members who cannot afford to buy one. Contact the Optimists for...

Pedestrian Safety Pilot Program Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / Street Safety and Traffic Control

Program Overview This pilot program aims to implement proven safety treatments using temporary materials that can be installed quickly and at a low cost. By implementing these safety treatments, Public Works will be able to collect data, make design changes, and measure outcomes from strategies...

Online Map Applications Updated
Explore / Maps and More / Map Gallery

Online map applications are developed to allow address and intersecton searches or map navigaton in order to find property or other specific GIS layer information about areas in Arvada. If you are looking for maps in digital format check the Map Gallery for PDF versions...

Financing for 3F Bond Authorization Projects Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / 3F Bond Authorization Projects

  Ballot Issue In the November 6, 2018 election, Arvada residents approved Ballot Issue 3F for a bond issue to fund improvements to Ralston Road and W. 72nd Ave. Voters Decide The Colorado Constitutional provision known as  TABOR (Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights) requires that voters...

Clear Creek Corridor Master Plan Updated
Explore / Open Space and Nature / Trails

Image for Clear Creek Corridor Master Plan
The Clear Creek Corridor Plan is now available for  download.   Project Overview In cooperation with Adams County, Wheat Ridge, Denver, Hyland Hills Recreation District and the Mile High Flood District, the City of Arvada has prepared a master plan for the Clear Creek Corridor...

Trees Across Arvada Updated
Explore / Open Space and Nature / Trees (Urban Forestry)

Image for Trees Across Arvada
The Trees Across Arvada program for spring 2020 delivery has concluded. Check back in the fall of 2020 for the 2021 delivery. Want to beautify your yard, add tree diversity and reduce your summer utility bill by increasing the shade on your home? Trees Across Arvada is a...

Arvada Wins Gold Leaf Award Updated
Explore / Open Space and Nature / Trees (Urban Forestry)

Image for Arvada Wins Gold Leaf Award
Arvada, CO – The City of Arvada Parks Division was honored with the Gold Leaf Award for Arbor Day Activities from the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISARMC). The Gold Leaf Award acknowledges projects that have had a significant impact upon a community...

Greenbelt No-Nos Updated
Explore / Open Space and Nature / Parks and Open Space

Image for Greenbelt No-Nos
Please help our parks staff maintain these areas by NOT planting  trees, gardens, or placing fence supports, refuse or other items in open space areas.Thank you! Help Parks Staff Maintain Open Space Did you know that the Arvada Parks and Open Space division maintains more than...