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Bicycling in Arvada Updated
Explore / Recreation and Sports / Bicycling

Image for Bicycling in Arvada
Bring Your E-bike: Electrical assist bicycles are allowed on all city-owned bicycle paths and lanes. Check out Jefferson County's e-bike regulations for more details on laws regarding Jeffco Open Space trails. Arvada is already a silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community, but we...

Arvada Reservoir Updated
Explore / Recreation and Sports / Fishing

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Boat Inspections: Boat inspections for use at the Reservoir will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on March 23 & 24 at 6701 Indiana Street in the front parking lot near the flag pole. Season/Daily Passes: Season passes may be purchased at the Utility Billing counter at Arvada City Hall...

Celebrate 100 Years of Arvada Parks Updated
Explore / Open Space and Nature

Celebrating 100 Years of Parks In 1919, 100 years ago, Mrs. Clemency McIlvoy deeded her home and the three acres that surround it to the Town of Arvada with the understanding that it would become our first park, now McIlvoy Park (5750 Upham Street). This was an early...

W. 72nd Ave. Project Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / 3F Bond Authorization Projects

Please note: There will be lane closures on W. 72nd Ave. west of Kipling Street as part of the work associated with the 3F Bond Project. Occasional lane closures should be expected through the end of March. Work Progress Update March 20-22: Wednesday, March 20: Westbound lane closure...

West Arvada Dog Park Updated
Explore / Open Space and Nature / Parks and Open Space

Image for West Arvada Dog Park
Arvada West Dog Park Community Meeting: Volunteers, Pet Parents, Donors are invited to attend. April 25, 7 p.m. Susan M. Duncan YMCA, 6350 Eldridge St. Questions? Park Location 17975 West 64th Parkway, Arvada, CO General Information The West Arvada...

Ralston Road Project Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / Two Big Projects

What's Next? Mid-summer 2019: Construction will begin on the grant-funded portion of the Ralston Road Project (Upham Street to Yukon Street) and will include reconstructing the roadway pavement, widening the traffic lanes and providing sidewalks to improve traffic...

Indiana Street and 72nd Avenue Intersection Upgrade Project Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / My Commute (Major Routes)

Progress Update - week of March 17: 72nd Avenue west of Indiana Street (Colorado Highway 72) is closed for road reconstruction after full bridge replacement. Access to adjacent parcels is maintained. A signed detour route utilizing 80th/82nd Avenue and Quaker Street is provided....

Financing for 3F Bond Authorization Projects Updated
Explore / Roads and Transit / 3F Bond Authorization Projects

What's Next? February 2019--On February 13, bonds were issued to provide funding for the 72nd Ave. and Ralston Road projects. During the next several months, the City's consultant team will begin performing field work to include topographic and right-of-way surveys,...

Trail Construction and Updates Updated
Explore / Open Space and Nature / Trails

2019 Updates Leyden Creek Trail In March 2019, the City completed another long-planned trail project adding to Leyden Creek Trail immediately east and west of Alkire Street. New trail length is approximately 1.25 miles, and includes concrete and soft trail west of...

Bike Training Course Updated
Explore / Recreation and Sports

Free Bike Training Course Address: 5151 Allison Street (see map below) Hours: Regular park hours (dawn to dusk) apply       Riding bikes is a great way for kids to get active, stay healthy, and explore their neighborhood. But for those who don’t already know how to ride a...