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HeadsUp Arvada

The City of Arvada wants all residents to arrive safely at their destinations. Crosswalks are one area where pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists interact, and sometimes, there is conflict that leads to injury or death.

Visit Speak Up Arvada to take the HeadsUp Pledge and register to receive a pedestrian safety goodie pack. 


Heads up speed limits save livesAlmost all of us are drivers at some point and with that comes a responsibility to follow traffic laws and be a safe driver. Being a responsible and safe drivers means slowing down and driving the speed limit, stopping at all stop signs and red lights, especially before make a right turn, and keeping your cellphone out of your hand while you drive. Keep your eyes on the road and look for pedestrians, especially at intersections. Even if a crosswalk isn't marked, a person crossing the street has the right of way and you must yield to a pedestrian crossing the street.

It is even more important to keep your phone down and eyes up in the month of November as the time changes and it gets dark earlier-this is when we typically see an increase in crashes with pedestrians. 


Heads Up get to the crosswalkMost of us are pedestrians at some point as well, whether walking to the bus or train stop, walking to get a sandwich, or out getting exercise on Arvada's great trail system. During these times walking we tend to notice safety issues and dangerous behavior from drivers. As pedestrians, our actions and behaviors also influence our safety, and the best way we can be safe is to use crosswalks. Crosswalks can be marked or unmarked, and are located at places where drivers are likely to expect to see a person crossing the street. Sometimes it might seem easier to just run across the street instead of walking to a crosswalk, but 68% of crashes involving a vehicle and a pedestrian/bicyclist in Arvada occur outside a crosswalk. Spend that extra minute or two to get to the crosswalk, especially if it is signalized, and reduce your risk of being involved in a crash. Oh, and if you are at a signalized intersection, wait for the walk sign to cross.


Heads Up slow your rollFor those of us who enjoy riding bikes, we know its a fun and healthy way to commute, run errands, get some exercise, or spend some quality time outdoors with friends and family. While we're out having fun, its also important to remember we need to follow traffic laws. When riding on the street, in a bike lane or not, you are required to follow all traffic laws, which includes stopping at stop signs and red lights. You are also to check and make sure there are no oncoming vehicles when crossing a street in a crosswalk. In Colorado, the law says a person waiting to cross a street cannot enter "into the path of a moving vehicle that is so close as to constitute an immediate hazard." In plain terms, it is best to slowdown and look right and left to be sure there are no vehicles coming when you want to cross the street.


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