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Driving Basics in Colorado

If you're new to Colorado, or just want to explore some great tools for driving in the state, these resources should help. Please be sure to visit the DMV for the latest driving handbook and info.  

Essential Tools

Common Questions

Where Can I Get my Driver's License or State Issued ID?

Licenses are issued and managed by the  Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). For most services, you can schedule appointments online and avoid waiting in line.

Where Are Driving Courses Offered?

There are many driver education schools and testers in the area. Visit the  DMV’s website for a list of options near you. 

Can I Get a Ticket for Not Having Proof of Insurance?

Yes, you can be cited for not having proof of insurance.  If you are issued a citation for not having your proof of insurance in the vehicle, you must have your insurance agent fax proof of coverage, vehicle type and VIN number, and in the case of the driver not being the person on the policy, that the policy would cover said driver at the time of the incident. This letter must be on company letterhead and can be faxed to 720-898-7164 or e-mailed to