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Engage in the City

Welcome! We know that engaged community members are happier community members--engaged with each other within neighborhoods, and engaged with City team members helping inform decisions that affect the quality of life in Arvada.

Strengthen Neighborhood Connections

Neighbors Connected, Neighborhood Strong

Neighbors Connected is the City’s neighborhood engagement platform designed to connect Arvada residents with resources and opportunities that will help them develop sustainable neighborhood groups and strengthen their own communities. Learn more about the benefits available to neighborhoods enrolled in Neighbors Connected.

Police Department's Neighbors Connected

The Arvada Police Department continually strives to build and maintain partnerships with its residents. Through these partnerships we can help identify and prevent crime, keep our streets safe and make our community stronger. In addition to offering classes and workshops to

Ways to Engage

Speak Up Arvada

Speak Up Arvada is the City's online, 24/7 digital engagement platform. Share your feedback on a variety of topics from the convenience of your computer or phone. Visit us at

Current engagement opportunities include:

Pedestrian Safety Pilot Program

Engagement Guide

We know that local government works best when the community is involved, and the City team wants to ensure that everyone in Arvada feels welcome to participate. This page is your one-stop location for ways to share your perspectives, ideas and questions. Your voice matters! 


The City's communication team is happy to answer your questions and speak to your concerns: