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Community Connectors

Building stronger connections in Arvada

To achieve our goal of improving community involvement with the City, we welcome Community Connectors to the City team. They will work throughout Arvada with the current focus to help grow awareness of the importance of participating in the 2020 Census.

What to Expect:

  • You may see Community Connectors at festivals, other public events and locations where people naturally gather.
  • The Connectors will offer information about the 2020 Census and ask a few questions to help us customize our engagement approach to meet the needs of our diverse population.
  • Our Connectors will be wearing a City of Arvada ID badge.
  • They're really friendly people interested in knowing more about you and helping to improve your experience with the City!

Meet the Community Connectors

community connectors


Why are you excited to be a Community Connector?

"As a 29 year resident of Arvada, I am excited for the new opportunity to be part of Arvada." - Robert

"I'm most excited to be a community connector because I get to give back to a community that has given me the opportunity to obtain a higher education." - Kim

"Our city is changing a lot, and I'd love to have more conversations about how we can engage each other and learn more about one another." - Kaleo

"I'm new to Arvada and I am excited to meet people and learn more about the city." - Margaret

"I'm excited to connect the community!" - Rachel

"I am excited to be a community connector because I truly believe in change from the grassroots level. I was born and raised in Arvada and am proud of what this city is becoming. I think the more people and the more voices we can get to the table the better." - Anna