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Communication and Engagement Strategy

The City of Arvada is developing a strategy to improve how we communicate and engage with the community and City Council to support transparency, informed decision-making, understanding and involvement with City issues and activities.

Why improve public involvement?

Because we know that more involvement from you will mean:

  • More-informed decision-making
  • Stronger community and team cohesion
  • Reduced risk in policy development and implementation
  • A City that is more responsive to community (your) needs

Our Commitment

In the end, we are working to provide you with ways to get involved in your local government that are:

Purposeful: Well-defined topic, problem or decision.

Meaningful: Thoughtful, well planned, relevant to participants and results in useful feedback.

Inclusive & Diverse: Involves different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences.

Transparent: Conveys information, processes and results clearly to build trust.

Accessible: All stakeholders able to find information and participate

We strive for meaningful involvement

An important component of the communications and engagement strategy is to involve the right people, at the right time, and at the right level of participation based on the problem to be solved or decision to be made. We use the following five levels to set expectations about involvement and to apply the right approaches:

The City's engagement spectrum