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Residential Waste and Recycling Collection

The City of Arvada, in partnership with our contracted hauling company, Republic Services, is working to launch the new Residential Waste and Recycling Collection program. While collection under the new program will not begin until July 2021, here is what residents can expect over the coming months:

  • COMPLETED - Service Level Selection
    • March through April 25, residents who are eligible to participate in the City’s Residential Waste and Recycling program had the opportunity to choose a service level.
      • If you did not reply to the service level selection postcard, you will receive Level 3 service (95 gallon waste cart and 95 gallon recycling cart) in June 2021. 
  • COMPLETED - June & July: carts will arrive at participating households.
    • Households that selected service levels 1, 2 or 3 AND households that did not respond to the selection mailings will begin to receive waste and recycling cart deliveries. 
    • Please do not use your new carts until service begins the week of July 5th.
    • We are accepting change requests throughout June but all cart swaps or removals will take place AFTER the program starts July 5.  

      There is no charge for:

    • Service level changes, including cart swaps. If you request a lower level service, you will pay ONLY the fees associated with the lower level as long as you contact the City by Aug. 1.

    • Removal of City of Arvada carts for residents who wish to hire their own hauler.

    • Delivering additional waste or recycling carts.

  • COMPLETED - The week of July 5, trash service will begin. The week of July 5 is an orange recycling week. 
    • Find your service day and recycling week on the City's searchable map
    • Paper calendars were mailed to participating households the week of June 14, 2021.
  • In September, waste and recycling program fees will be included in water utility bills.

milestones for waste hauling


2021 Monthly Fees

Monthly Fees:

  • $19.76 for a 95 gallon cart + 95 gallon recycling cart
  • $15.63 for a 65 gallon cart + 95 gallon recycling cart
  • $11.50 for a 35 gallon cart + 95 gallon recycling cart
  • $5.13 for minimum service (no carts, choose your own hauler) 

Additional Cart Fees:

  • $3.00 per month for an additional recycling cart
  • $4.15 for an additional trash cart
  • $3.50 per tag for occasional additional trash bags
Service level matrix

Who is eligible to participate

Single-family homes, duplexes and townhomes (including housing with fewer than 8 multi-family units) in neighborhoods that DO NOT have organized waste collection.

Apartment and condominium complexes with eight or more units and commercial properties are exempt. Homeowners associations (HOAs) that already contract with a waste hauler are not required to participate in the program; however, they may opt in. All HOAs will pay an 88 cent fee (per home, per month) and be included in the bulky item and yard debris services.

The City of Arvada has made available a searchable map where you can find out if your property is eligible for the waste hauling program and your collection day. 

Project Background

If you would like more information about the history of this program, please visit the Waste Hauling History page where we have archived materials from prior to City Council's vote to approve this program. 


Waste Hauling Hotline, 720-898-7575


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