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City of Arvada to Be Powered by Community Solar Supplied by SunShare

Aug. 2014 Denver, CO – Denver-based SunShare has announced that it has contracted with the City of Arvada to provide the municipality with 600kW of clean, reliable energy from Community Solar Gardens. SunShare is one of the nation’s first Community Solar providers.

This is not only an environmental decision, but also an economic one. The City of Arvada will fix some of its energy costs at today’s levels, protecting taxpayers from volatile fossil fuel prices. Meanwhile, the City will be working towards its goal of having 20% of power needs coming from renewable sources by 2019.

“The City of Arvada wants to set an example for our community and cities across the nation to follow our lead with this program,” said Mayor Marc Williams. “It makes financial sense for our energy costs, and it builds on our leadership role as an environmentally responsible community.”

SunShare Vice President Marc Bencivenni stated, “We are ecstatic to have the City of Arvada join our Jefferson County Solar Garden. We are seeing a growing trend of public entities and residents joining the solar revolution with Community Solar.”  Other existing customers include the City of Westminster, Adams County School District14, Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District and Adams County.

Earlier this summer, the company announced it has sold out its Colorado Springs Solar Gardens, the largest in the nation.

In 2010 the Colorado State legislature led the nation by passing the country’s first Community Solar Gardens Act. The act has inspired 16 states from Minnesota to California to develop legislation creating their own Community Solar Gardens programs.

The Community Solar Gardens Act allows customers who either can’t or don’t want to put solar panels on their homes to buy solar energy from a solar array located elsewhere in the community.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the City of Arvada’s continued progress on renewable energy— it is leadership like this shown from the City of Arvada, Xcel Energy, and the hundreds of citizens choosing to participate in our Community Solar Gardens that will drive greater adoption of renewable energy in our communities,” said Bencivenni. “Working with the City of Arvada has been an absolute pleasure, and we look forward to working with them to achieve their sustainability goals.”

Electricity generated by SunShare’s Solar Gardens is fed into the main power grid. SunShare’s customers buy a specific amount of energy from the solar garden and receive a credit on their Xcel Energy bill for that amount.

“The Colorado community and Xcel Energy have both been National leaders in the Solar Gardens model. In fact, Xcel is the largest investor-owned utility in the country to implement a Community Solar Garden program,” said Jonathan W. Postal, Sr. Vice President of SunShare.

In an effort to encourage residents and businesses in the City of Arvada to go solar, SunShare is offering a 10 percent discount to any business, school or resident in the city limits on its prepay program for the next 30 days.

SunShare has over 11 megawatts of community solar gardens built or under development in Colorado’s Front Range. SunShare has projects underway with Colorado Springs Utilities and Xcel Energy with the capacity to serve over 2,200 homes.

For more information on the Community Solar Garden program, visit Customers interested in becoming a part of SunShare’s Community Solar Gardens should call 303-296-0919.


SunShare is one of the nation’s first Community Solar companies with a mission to make solar energy simple, affordable, and accessible to everyone. The company’s two 500 kilowatt Community Solar Gardens in Colorado Springs are the first fully subscribed solar projects like it in the country.  SunShare builds, maintains, and operates the Community Solar Gardens, allowing businesses and residents anywhere in a utility’s service territory to use solar energy, regardless of roof space or home ownership.