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Completed Sustainability Projects

Full version of the Arvada Sustainable Action Plan for Muncipal Operations

Just to name a few…

Composting at the Arvada Center, Lake Arbor Golf Club and West Woods Golf Club- Food waste from these facilities is taken to an industrial compost facility where it is made into high quality organic fertilizer. Since September 2010, 26,000 pounds of food have been diverted from the landfill. This project did not provide any increased cost as the reduced trash pick-ups are now compost pick-ups with a total cost savings of about $40 a month.

GHG Inventory- The City of Arvada worked with graduate students from the University of Colorado at Denver to develop a Green House Gas Inventory in order to establish baseline data.

Sun Edison Photo Voltaic Project- 650 kW of ground-mounted photovoltaic cells installed at the Ralston Water Treatment Plant at W. 64th Ave. and Highway 93.

Fleet- The City's fleet has 509 vehicles. Out of the 509, 2 are CNG, 24 are E85, 164 are bio-diesel, and 13 are hybrid, so 40% of the fleet runs on alternative fuels. Along with this all of our heavy-duty diesel fleet have been updated, using bio-diesel with reduced emissions by 45%.

Xeriscape and Solar LED Parking Lot Light at the Nature Center- The Center's 22,000 square foot garden, with drip irrigation in certain zones, contains over 200 species of native and regionally appropriate plants.  All Kentucky Bluegrass has been replaced with xeric plants, including turf-type tall fescue and Blue Grama (Colorado’s native state grass).  Finally,100% of the building’s energy comes from a 4.6 kW solar system in the field just to the south.

Xeriscape Garden Nature Center

Computerized Irrigation- 100% of the irrigated City parks use this technology, saving thousands of gallons of water each year.

Performance Contracting- The City of Arvada had a $2,000,000 performance contract with Siemens where $173,000 of energy is saved in City Buildings on an annual basis.

LED Light Nature Center