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W 60th Ave Separated Bike Lane

In an effort to improve non-motorized transportation to the RTD G Line the City is planning to construct a new two-way separated bike lane between Tennyson Street and the RTD station entrance to the Arvada Gold Strike-Sheridan Station. This project will be the second of its kind in the City and the longest two way separated bike lane at approximately ¼ mile. This bike lane will connect to new bike lanes on Tennyson St to create a safe, connected bikeway between the Clear Creek Trail and the Arvada Gold Strike Station.

Design for this project is nearing 100% completion and construction is anticipated in the summer of 2021. The design minimizes impacts to existing infrastructure and will utilize the space on the south side of the street where parking was previously allowed for the two-way bike lane. Parking along the north side of the street where there are residential properties will remain. Below is an image of the proposed cross section.

You can review a copy of the current plans and final plans will be posted when approved.typical section image for separated bike lane