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Traffic Detection Systems


The traffic detection systems at some traffic lights in the City are being replaced. Due to supply chain issues and material delays, some systems may begin working at a less than optimal rate. The signals are fully operational but this may cause slight travel delays at some intersections. Please be advised the City is aware of the issue and working diligently to obtain materials and replace the systems.


There is a 16-week delay on receiving materials needed to replace the detection systems. As materials are received by the City the detection systems will be replaced.

Impacted Intersections

These intersections are currently experiencing challenges with the traffic detection system. These locations are known to the City and scheduled to be updated as new systems arrive:

  • 58th & Quail
  • 64th & Olde Wadsworth
  • 86th & Simms
  • 80th & Simms
  • 80th & Chase
  • Carr & Oberon
  • 72nd & Zinnia
  • W 64th Ave. & McIntyre Pkwy
  • 72nd & Carr St.
  • 64th & Oak St.‚Äč

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the City team manually change signal timing?

  • Yes, this is possible but it is not always feasible with current resources and staffing. The City team is working to adjust timing on impacted intersections. However, traffic patterns can vary throughout the day and not all patterns can be adjusted at the same response time and accuracy that the detection system can.

How will the City prevent this issue in the future?

  • The City team is working to purchase replacement parts and store additional detection systems to avoid this situation in the future.



Please submit an Ask Arvada ticket or call the Engineering Division at (720) 898-7640.