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Ralston Creek Water Flow Measuring Project

What’s Happening

Ralston Creek plays a crucial part in the city’s raw water supply operations. In order to more effectively manage our water supplies, the City is installing a water flow measurement structure along the south side of Ralston Creek within Davis Lane Park.   

The City’s contractor, Ramstetter Land Design & Management LLC, will be using excavation and other equipment to haul in piping and associated materials to construct a 6' concrete channel to install a state-approved water flume which will be utilized to measure Ralston Creek water flows during low flow conditions. 

Ralston creek in Davis Lane Park


Construction activity during weekdays, starting on June 6th. While the project has had several delays due to shortages in concrete supply, staff still expect this work to be completed by the end of July. 

Construction activities will take place during weekdays. 


Please email Ken Peterson at with any questions.