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Ralston Creek Flood Mitigation

The City and Mile High Flood District plan to remove dead and downed trees within Ralston Creek. Removing the dead and downed trees supports the City's Ralston Creek at Croke Canal capital improvement project. 

The project aims to collect and direct flood flows in Ralston Creek upstream of the Croke Canal to an existing crossing structure at Ralston Creek and the Croke Canal crossing. This project will help reduce the frequency of flood flows entering the Croke irrigation canal; therefore, reducing the flood risk to downstream Arvada properties due to irrigation canal overtopping during a flood event.

Before dead and downed trees are removed, the contractor will perform a wildlife study to confirm the absence or presence of nests. Wildlife will be safely managed prior to tree removal.

Project Work Area

The work area is Ralston Creek just upstream of Croke Canal and adjacent to Westwoods golf course. See map.Map for tree removal











What to expect

The contractor hired to complete the tree removal will give the City two weeks notice before beginning work. At that time, the City team will place informational signs along the Ralston Creek trail to notify users of upcoming work and potential detours. There will be trail detours in place while work is being performed. The contractor does not anticipate any full trail closures, but they plan on using a flagger if they need to close the trail for a brief period of time during a workday. Please follow signs and use caution when in the area. 

Project timeline

The work is expected to begin on Monday, May 2 and is expected to last approximately three weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have to remove the trees? 
Downed trees and dead trees in the creek bed and on the banks pose an increased flood risk because they limit the channel’s ability to safely convey flood waters. These trees become flood debris that chokes the channel and can damage and clog critical bridge crossings. Removing downed trees and dead trees creates a clear channel for flood waters to be conveyed downstream and reduces flood risk for properties next to the creek.

How are you protecting wildlife?
The City’s contractors will perform a wildlife study prior to removing any trees. If any raptor nests are observed, those trees will not be removed. 

Will the trees be replaced? 
Trees will be replaced at a later date with more appropriate plantings of native species at appropriate locations to avoid creating additional flood risks. 


For additional information regarding this project, submit a request via Ask Arvada. Your request will be routed to the person best able to respond, and you will be able to track the request status.