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Olde Town Streetscaping Project

Project description

Following the recently completed Semi-Permanent Street Closures project in Olde Town, the City is taking the opportunity to spruce up pavers, concrete, signs and traffic markings in the area. This project will fix an array of small infrastructure issues such as non-working street lights, broken decorative concrete, damaged pavers, worn down pavement markings and update raised medians. The project plan is subject to changes due to weather or other unforeseen delays. The team will update this page as needed. 

During each phase, traffic control devices and/or no parking signs will be placed in advance of closures. Please obey all signs. 

Project plan and phasing


  • Dates: Sunday 10/17 6PM-10PM
  • Type of Work: Striping removal 
  • Location: W 57th Ave Corridor, Webster Corridor, Grant Pl Corridor, Upham St Corridor 


  • Dates: Monday and Tuesday, 10/18 6AM to 10/19 12AM
  • Type of Work: Raised medians, concrete, pavers and striping
  • Location: Olde Wadsworth Blvd south of railroad tracks 


  • Dates: Wednesday AM, or Thursday AM, or Friday AM, 10/20, 10/21 or 10/23 (7AM-10AM)
  • Type of Work: Striping
  • Location: W 57th Ave Corridor, Webster Corridor, Grant Pl Corridor, Upham St Corridor


  • Dates: Monday and Tuesday, 10/25 6AM to 10/26 12AM
  • Type of Work: Raised Medians, Concrete, Pavers, and Striping
  • Location: Olde Wadsworth Blvd north of railroad tracks