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Leyden Rock Warranty


Many community members living in the Leyden Rock neighborhood have questions about several current and upcoming projects and activities occurring in the area. In an effort to answer these and other questions, the City is providing an update on current activities in the area.

Scheduled Development Warranty Repairs

Upcoming maintenance and repair activities

  • As part of an agreement between the developer and the City, the developer will be making repairs to damaged concrete at specific locations within the Leyden Rock neighborhood.

  • Repair activities will include replacement or repair of identified curbs, gutters, crosspans, ramps and sidewalks to begin around June 3, 2021.

  • Not all cracks will be repaired. The City has inspected the area and determined that some minor imperfections are within construction tolerances. Homeowners with questions about specific concerns may contact Brita Van Horne at

  • In addition to concrete work, crack sealing, trail repairs, revegetation of certain open space areas and a small number of utility repairs will also be performed throughout the community.

Additional repairs

  • Despite best efforts on all sides, the developer and City could not agree on all aspects of the warranty issue.

  • The City is pursuing options to recover additional funding to resolve outstanding issues. 

  • Individual property owners are not at financial risk.

Repairs not included in current activity

  • Concrete driveway aprons (between the developer installed sidewalk and street), driveways, and private sidewalks installed by individual builders are not part of these development warranty repairs.

  • In isolated cases, damage has occurred in the interim period between the City inspections and finalization of this repair list. These items are being tracked separately and may be repaired in the future with other regular City maintenance.


Work is anticipated to begin by Thursday June 3, 2021. Repairs that were included in this initial phase must be completed by October 31, 2021. Crews may work intermittently.

For residents who will have concrete work performed directly adjacent to their property, such as sidewalk replacement, you will receive a door hanger at least 24 hours prior to work beginning. Please read the door hanger and follow any instructions included to help crews work efficiently to minimize disruptions to your property. 

Project Scope

Residents who would like to see a full list of repairs to be completed need to complete an open records request with the City Clerk's Office. If you have a question about a specific concern, please contact Brita Van Horne at

Drainage Concerns

Some residents have expressed concern about drainage in Leyden Rock. Independent evaluation has not identified any defects in site engineering that would lead to drainage issues. Because no defects have been identified, drainage is not part of the work to be performed. 

Lots typically have a swale around the house and along the side property lines to convey drainage away from the house and toward the street and storm sewer system. These swales should be preserved as homeowners install landscaping.

Grass and other landscaping can require more irrigation when it is first installed.  It is important for homeowners to adjust their irrigation timers as landscaping becomes established.  This will reduce your water bill and reduce runoff. As a general rule, if the sidewalk, driveway, or rock areas become wet from water running off the grass, the irrigation timer should be reduced.

Opportunities to participate

Upcoming public meeting 

The City team plans to hold a public meeting to provide an opportunity for residents to ask questions and share feedback. As details are finalized, the City will provide an update on this page and through the Leyden Rock District email newsletter.

Northwest Arvada Sub-area Planning

The City has begun a process to develop a more detailed, sub-area plan for Northwest Arvada. This process will include community input to help shape the future character and mix of services in this part of town. Learn more about the project and opportunities to participate at

Updates to the City’s communications channels

The City will provide updates about these current projects on and through other communications channels.


For questions about specific repairs, please contact Brita Van Horne at or by phone at 720-402-9875.