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Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements

On this page you can find information about on-going and recently completed projects that help people walk and bicycle around Arvada.

Recently Completed 

Olde Wadsworth Blvd & Marilyn Jean Drive (Ralston Creek Trail): Install Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB).
Click on the graphic below to find out more information about how an RRFB helps you cross the street and how to safely use an RRFB.
Graphic explaining how to interact with RRFB
View of the bike lane facing south
Ralston Creek Trail and Ward Road: The Public Works and Parks Departments worked together to address an issue that has been vexing residents and trail users: crossing Ward Road on the Ralston Creek Trail. The existing trail meets a narrow sidewalk and curb ramp that is difficult for bicyclists to navigate. This project repurposed the existing parking lane on the east side of the street to create a new two-way bike lane that bicyclists can use to access the crosswalk and cross Ward Road when the pedestrian walk signal is activated.
This improvement represents several “firsts” for Arvada: the first two-way separated bike lane and first green bike crossing markings.The wide bike lane is separated from vehicle traffic by flex-posts and is marked for two way bike traffic. This allows for pedestrians to use the existing sidewalk to cross the street and bicyclists to have their own dedicated space on the street to access the crosswalk and crossing. Bicyclists will still be required to wait for the pedestrian crossing signal before proceeding across Ward Road.
Additionally, the City will be installing green bike crossing markings for people bicycling from south to north to access the Ralston Creek Trail. The green pavement markings bring attention to the bike lane, and to make bicyclists and drivers aware that this is an area where their paths cross. Drivers making left or right turns should yield to a bicyclist going northbound on Ward Road.

In Design

W 52nd Avenue Walkway: Construct missing walkway from Reed St to Marshall St. Currently evaluating two alternatives for design.

W 60th Avenue Separated Bike LaneIn an effort to improve non-motorized transportation to the RTD G Line the City is planning to construct a new two-way separated bike lane between Tennyson Street and the RTD station entrance to the Arvada Gold Strike-Sheridan Station.


W 57th Avenue Bicycle Boulevard: This study will look at measures to improve safety for people bicycling, walking, and driving. The study will evaluate potential measures to improve bicycling, reduce speeding, improve intersection safety, and improve pedestrian crossings. Be on the lookout for future information on public meetings (virtual) and SpeakUP Arvada engagement.


Questions about Bicycle and Pedestrian improvements can be directed to John Firouzi,