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Ralston House Seeks Pinwheel Gardeners

About the Pinwheel Gardens

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Bright blue pinwheels are a symbol of child abuse prevention awareness across the nation. Pinwheel gardens demonstrate to child victims and their families that the community supports them. Ralston House is Planting Hope with its gardens.

How You Can Help

Please join Ralston House in Planting Hope, Help them reach their goal of 15,000 pinwheels on display throughout their service area!  

To get started on your pinwheel garden:

1. Call Ralston House at 720-898-6754 to order a garden kit containing 50 pinwheels, signage, pamphlets and a collection envelope.

2. Collect donations for pinwheels at your location. Pinwheels are sold for $5 each.

3. During the month of April, plant the pinwheel "garden" at your location with the yard sign provided to explain the project.

4. Write a check to Ralston House for the money collected. Your goal is to raise at least $250. 

5. Post it on your Facebook page and tag Ralston House!

About Ralston House

Ralston House is a nationally accredited nonprofit agency that helps children and teens who are suspected of being sexually or physically abused by providing comprehensive services in a child-friendly atmosphere. Ralston House's mission is to stop the abuse and start the healing.

For more information, visit


Jennifer Kemps at 720-898-6754 or via email at






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