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Police Transparency

The 2022 Arvada Police Annual Report is now available (PDF)

The City of Arvada's Police Department (APD) is dedicated to serving our community. We feel that more transparency about the work we do and the way we do it will only enhance our commitment to community policing. Below is some important information that we think gives the community an insight into that work. We welcome any comments or questions on how the Arvada Police Department operates and treats our community members. Visit Ask Arvada or call 720-898-6654.

Would you like a community group presentation of the Arvada Police Department's ongoing efforts in developing a community based policing culture? Contact Detective David Snelling, Public Information Officer at

Information is available in the following areas: 

Community-Based Policing

The Arvada Police Department has been practicing a Sector Based policing strategy since 2014 with the opening of our first community station. The purpose of sector policing is to have the same officers deploy out of the same station and get to know the businesses and the residents within their assigned area. This way, officers are familiar with the sector specific crime patterns and are able to directly address each problem, individually. Read about APD's Community-Based Policing.

Police Recruiting

The APD has, for decades, maintained an exhaustive recruiting, background investigation, and hiring system. In addition, all of our incoming officers hold a four-year college degree, which helps ensure our sworn employees have the maturity needed to implement APD’s sophisticated community policing strategies. Read about APD's Police Recruiting.

Anti-Bias Training

Among the APD's goals in requiring ongoing, comprehensive non-biased policing training are to create awareness of different types of bias, and to make employees aware of the role bias may play in our society, especially in the criminal justice system. Read about APD's Anti-Bias Training

Mental Health Community Care

The Arvada Police Department's Mental Health Co-Responder Program is continuing to progress in cutting edge ways. In the Spring of 2020, APD successfully contracted with the State of Colorado to double the Co-Responder program from two clinicians to four. The presence of the co-responders facilitates a wider array of options for behavioral health clients, which can be beneficial to the client and the community in many ways. Read about APD's Mental Health Community Care.

Body Worn Cameras: Impact and Implementation

In 2020, the Colorado State Legislature created a new "Police Transparency" law, requiring all law enforcement agencies to fully implement the use of body-worn cameras by the year 2023. The Arvada Police Department has begun this process and will be fully compliant with Senate Bill 217 before 2023. Read about APD's Body Worn Cameras: Impact and Implementation.

School Resource Officers (SRO)

For over two decades, the Arvada Police Department has been placing police officers in schools within the City of Arvada. Introducing police officers into our school system to work side by side with school staff allows our youngest community members to see a police officer as an essential resource and not be frightened. Read about APD's School Resource Officers

Community and Police Demographics

We take pride in recruiting the best and most diverse officers available with 4-year college degrees. Read about APD's reports on Community and Police Demographics.

Traffic Warnings and Citation Data

With the implementation of the new Colorado "Transparency in Law Enforcement" law, APD is implementing numerous records system changes to track more data. Read about APD's Traffic Warnings and Citation Data.