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Additional Services

Whether you’re locked out of your car or need a car seat installed, it can be hard to know where (and when) to get help. There are many services that the Arvada Police Department provides, but some that we do not. Some of the common requests for service are below.

Noise Complaints

The City of Arvada has  noise control laws and enforces them. From loudspeakers to fireworks or loud music, many noises can create a disturbance. In most areas, noise standards (how loud things can be and what sorts of disturbing noises can be made) are lower (quieter) from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. A noise complaint can be made at any time. To report a noise complaint, please call 720-898-6900. 

Impounded Vehicle

Vehicles impounded by the Arvada Police are released directly by  Connolly's Towing. Contact Connolly's Towing to find out what is needed to recover a towed vehicle.

If your car is on a police hold, you will need to contact the Arvada Police Department Evidence Unit at 720-898-6926 to find out how to retrieve your vehicle. Depending upon the storage location of your vehicle, you will go to Connolly's Towing to pay the required fees to them and obtain your vehicle or you will pay the City of Arvada towing fees at Evidence and obtain a vehicle release. Vehicles released from the City's impound facility are only done by appointment. Remember, it is the vehicle owner's responsibility to keep registration information current.

Parking Violations

Parking Enforcement is a shared responsibility between LAZ Parking and the Arvada Police Department. 

  • For parking complaints in and around Olde Town Arvada, please contact LAZ Parking or 720-364-8587
  • For ongoing issues with permit restriction violations related to city parks and schools, please contact LAZ Parking or 720-364-8587. 
  • For parking permits visit City Parking Permits
  • For urgent parking concerns (blocking a driveway/roadway/fire hydrant), contact the Arvada Police Department at 720-898-6900

Lost and Found

Due to the volume of property that is turned in, the police department does not have a lost and found service.  Every attempt is made to identify and notify the owners of found property but when the owner can not be identified successfully, the items are held for 60 days and then disposed of or sent to auction.

Common Requests

If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911. For other nonemergency police matters, please call dispatch 720-898-6900. For other issues, including lockouts, please see the chart below for resources on who can help.  

  •  In limited situations. As an example, if an animal or person is in immediate danger.
  • ✔ The Arvada Police Department (APD) can help with this.
  • This is not a service we provide, but others may be available to help you.​
  APD Provided Who Else Can Help
VIN Verifications
Locksmithing (Car Locks)  
Locksmithing (Houses)
Bike Registration
  • Tip: Check with your insurance company. 
Car Seat Installations
Neighbor Disputes