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Tournament on Athletic Field

Tournament Organizers: Before You Begin

Requesting athletic field only: If you are a tournament organizer wishing to reserve an athletic field, please complete Step 1. 

Requesting athletic field WITH food trucks present:
 If you are a tournament organizer reserving an athletic field AND wish to have a food truck at your event, you must complete Steps 1 and 2.

Step 1) Reserve Field through City of Arvada 

Tournament organizers hosting a sports tournament in Arvada can schedule a field with the City of Arvada.  For more information, visit CivicRec or send an email to

The following athletic fields are available for tournaments:  

  • Long Lake Regional Park
  • Stenger Soccer Complex
  • Youth Memorial Complex 
  • Harold Lutz Sports Complex 
  • Pioneer Park 

Step 2) Use of a Food Truck at a tournament 

If you are a tournament organizer hosting a tournament on an athletic field AND you wish to have a food truck present at the tournament, the following requirements MUST be met:

  • Please Note: We do not find or provide the food trucks. The tournament organizer is required to find and schedule the food truck. 
  • The Food truck must be pre-arranged. They are NOT allowed to just show up.
  • Very specific Rules, Regulations and fees apply to the use of food trucks (No retail vendors allowed). Please visit

Information for Food Trucks:

If you are a food truck wanting to be present at a tournament on an athletic field, the following requirements must be met.

  • You MUST be invited by the Tournament Organizer to be present at the tournament.  Food trucks are NOT allowed to just show up without invitation.
  • Food Trucks must be licensed and permitted through the City of Arvada. Visit Food Truck Vending for more information .

If you have other questions about food trucks or tournament vending, please contact Revenue at 720-898-7100.