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Creating a Public Account provides online access to building and right-of-way permits and development projects. Citizens are able to create an account to be used to apply for permits and projects, schedule inspections and review historical permit data. Below are the steps to successfully create an online public account. 

Public accounts are not intended to be used by contractors. If you are a City of Arvada licensed contractor please login using your AEC license number provided to you at time of licensing.

Note: Not all online permit applications are available for online submittal by a public account. Please go to to view all of the available online applications.

Step 1: Signing Up

In a web browser navigate to At the top of the window click "Setup an AccoStep 1 in setting up a public accountunt"






















Step 2: Complete Online Form

Complete all of the information in the form. Fields that have an * next to them indicates that they are required. When finished, click "Create Account".

Step 2 in creating a public account in eTRAKiT.

























Step 3: Continue to Dashboard

Once your account has been created you will be directed back to the main page. If you have activity that you want to start or search for you can click on the appropriate link or you can click on "Dashboard" in the top tool bar to be directed back to your user accounts dashboard.

About the dashboard

As you start to create activities in eTRAKiT or link your account to permits and projects all of the linked permits will show on the dashboard. From the dashboard you are able to schedule inspection, pay fees or review comments and notes from staff.

the final step in setting up an account in eTRAKiT