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Building Permits

Taking on a home improvement project? You'll need a permit for many of those projects. Are you working on a new fence? Are you getting a new roof? Are you adding a wall in your office? Be sure to explore permit requirements in the City of Arvada. 

View Today's Inspections 

You will be redirected to to see the posted inspection schedule. If you need to cancel your inspection please login to to complete this action. 

What are the Current Codes?

The City of Arvada has adopted the 2018 International Codes with amendments. Please review the codes for more information.

Verify the Address

Do you need to verify that an address is within Arvada's jurisdiction? Use our online address look up tool.


 Address Verification



When Are Permits Required?

The list below is an example of activities that require a permit. Even if your planned project or work is not on the list, you may still need a permit. To find out if something not on the list requires a permit, please call 720-898-7620 or email 

Types of Work Application Process Typical Fees Include
Accessory Dwelling Unit Online (eTRAKiT) Variable
Residential Exterior Online (eTRAKiT)
  • $32.50 Review Fee
  • Building Permit Fee
  • Use Tax
Electrical Online (eTRAKiT) Variable
Fences and Retaining Walls Online (eTRAKIT)


Interior Remodels

Online (eTRAKiT)

  • $32.50 Review Fee
  • Building Permit Fee
  • Use Tax
New Commercial Buildings, Commercial Additions and Multi-family Online (eTRAKiT)


New Single Family email Variable
Re-Roofing Online (eTRAKIT) Variable
Residential Mechanical and Plumbing Online (eTRAKIT) Variable
Solar Online (eTRAKIT)
  • $45 Permit Fee (Residential Only)
  • $32.50 Review Fee
  • Use Tax
Windows and Siding Installation Online (eTRAKiT)
  • $45 Permit Fee per trade
  • Use Tax
Temporary Structures email Variable
Transient Merchants and Entertainment email Variable
Food Truck Vending



  • $50
Retaining Wall



  • $45 Permit Fee
  • $32.50 Plan Review Fee
  • Use Tax
Radio Amplification



Use Tax

Who Can Apply for a Permit?

Homeowners and Contractors. For residential permits, if you are the homeowner and you occupy the structure, you may apply for the permit. If you are hiring a contractor to complete the work, please have them apply for the permit. For commercial projects, a licensed contractor must obtain the permits and complete the work. If you are interested in becoming a licensed contractor with the City of Arvada review the guidelines for contractor licensing.

How Do I Complete an Application?

If the application is available for online submittal you will go to to complete your online application. Not all applications are available online, please check the table above. Applications can also be made by sending your application and plans to us via email at We encourage you to use these online methods to submit applications. However, if needed, paper applications and plans may be dropped off at City Hall for processing. Permits are no longer processed over the counter. 

The City of Arvada uses eTRAKiT for the Permit application process, this system requires a login to create applications. If you are a licensed contractor you must use your Contractor License number and password.

What Are the Review Times?

Permits that do not require a plan review (Roofing, Residential Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical) are typically issued within 1 business day of a complete application being submitted. Major projects like New Single Family and Commercial require a plan review and can take 4-6 weeks to complete the first plan review.

What Do Permits Cost?

Fees are variable. Permit fees vary by project type. Typically, you can expect to pay (1) a permit fee, (2) use tax, and (3) a plan review fee if required. Permit fees can be estimated using our online calculator.

Use Tax 

Use tax is a tax that is assessed in lieu of sales tax. The Arvada use tax rate is the same as the sales tax rate, 3.46%. Building use tax is assessed on construction materials that are used in Arvada. The revenues from building use tax are utilized to fund additional city services related to construction growth.

The tax is computed on the total value of the project. The construction project valuation is based on statistical data relating to costs of similar projects or the actual contract price of a project. Although an individual may conduct the construction work themselves and may obtain materials at a discount or no cost to the project still results in increased value to the improvements. Consequently, use tax is calculated on the greater of the calculated or contract values.

The building permit fee and Use Tax are based on the total value of construction. Use the Permit Fee Table to generate your fee. Use Tax is 58% of the job value multiplied by 3.46%.


  Fee Calculator

Do I Need an Inspection?

Inspections are required for most permit types. Inspections can be scheduled until 6:00 a.m. of the desired inspection date. In a weather event such as a hailstorm, inspections are not guaranteed to be completed by the next business day. Inspections are completed Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. All inspection can be scheduled using or by calling 720-898-7630 and using the automated line. A 3-digit inspection code is required.

  • Required inspections will vary depending on the scope and nature of your project.
  • Someone over the age of 18 is required to be available during inspection.

Closing the Permit

Once the final building inspection is completed, the permit will be ready to be closed. If no further action is required, an email will be sent to the applicant when the permit has been completed. Please review the permit status and inspection results on For New Single Family and Commercial permit types the contractor is required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy to finalize the permit.

How Can I Get a Copy of My Permit Records?

All permit records are available online at You will be able to find all information by searching for the permit by address or by permit number. If the records are not available online you will have to submit an Open Records request, additional fees may apply.