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Rainy Season Affecting Open Space Mowing

This rainy spring is in many ways a welcome relief to Arvada and many Colorado cities that have experienced drought in recent years. However, the additional moisture also presents challenges for the City parks maintenance staff and our open space maintenance plans.

The City has recently received inquiries from residents about the mowing schedule in parks and some open space areas of the City. Rest assured that City Parks staff is mowing every day that weather permits, following a well-planned pattern and schedule to ensure that, in addition to all of our landscaped parks and athletic fields, all open space areas are maintained in an organized fashion. We are currently mowing five to seven parks and paths along the trails per day between two crews. 

This year, the unusually wet weather has greatly reduced opportunities for mowing and has delayed the regular maintenance schedule. Additionally, if you live near an open space area, you may have noticed that grasses and weeds are growing at a faster-than-normal rate due to the additional moisture.

The City team appreciates your patience as we work to maintain the beauty and comfort of all of our 100+ parks and open space areas. To learn more, visit the City of Arvada’s Parks, Trails and Open Space Maintenance web page.