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Lakecrest Park Playground Renovation

The Lakecrest Park Playground is closed to the public. We understand the frustration this has caused, and we greatly appreciate your patience as we continue to work with our project partners to make sure the playground meets our strict safety standards. For your safety, please do not access the playground until the construction fencing is removed. 

Project updates will be posted on this page as new information becomes available.

Project Updates

Update for Nov. 30, 2022

  • A possible safety concern has been identified regarding the method of the playground’s construction. This requires the City’s project partners to conduct an on-site visit to examine the structural integrity of the playground’s footings.

  • The City anticipates having crews on site in early December to complete this work. The findings of that on-site visit will determine the next steps for the project. 

Project Background 

Construction of the playground was stopped by the City in late June when it was determined the soil on site needed further evaluation to ensure the structural integrity of the playground. In the first phase of this process, the City had a geotechnical report, or a soil analysis, performed.

  • The next phase included a thorough review of the manufacturer’s specifications in conjunction with the findings of the soil analysis. 

  • The current phase of the project involves a safety audit and code compliance check of the playground as currently constructed. 

We realize this renovation project is taking much longer than anticipated. Your patience and understanding throughout this process has been greatly appreciated! 

Please know that together, the City and community share the same desire: To open a playground that is safe for everyone to enjoy as soon as possible.  

For more information, please submit a request through Ask Arvada.

City of Arvada Lakecrest Park Sign