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History of Ralston-Central Park/Hoskinson Park

This page is maintained as an historical view of the project.

Construction Update: October 2013

The park construction is moving ahead at a rapid pace.  There was minimal damage from the flood event considering the volume of water that moved through the area; some irrigation lines were ruined along the creek, erosion occurred in some places along the flow line just west of the Carr Street bridge, and a heavy deposit of silt, rocks, and debris was left in much of the park.   Those issues have all been resolved.  The schedule has not changed and we expect the park to be available for use next summer as planned.

Concrete and Asphalt Work

The entrance pavement, parking lot, and circular drop off area are complete, including striping.  The sidewalk along Brooks Drive should be done by the end of next week creating the trail connection that is so important for the park.  The internal trail is still considered closed for use since there is a great deal of conduit boring, electrical work, irrigation work, and construction equipment active on the site.  For safety sake, ECI will continue to keep fences up on the bridges and at the entrance points.

Irrigation System

The irrigation system is nearing completion.  Portions of it are operational which means that landscaping will continue since we can ensure trees, plants, and seed will receive adequate water.  Top soil lost in the flood is being replaced and redistributed all over the site; seeding specifically intended for bank stabilization along the creek will help create a site that appears to be more of a park than a construction site in the next few weeks.   If weather permits, we will have sod in place by the end of the month on many of the open lawn areas.  The bases for pedestrian and street lights are almost completed and the light fixtures were ordered weeks ago.  The electrical lines for the lighting are in place so the lights will be put in place as soon as they arrive.

Park Structures

Structures are beginning to appear on the site, specifically the concrete forms for the restroom building and the forms for the picnic shelter.  By way of reminder, the restroom building includes space on the west end for maintenance equipment and space on the east end for the pump and mechanical equipment for the splash pad.  This seasonal restroom was designed following the design guidelines set out for the park so that it will have architectural lines similar to the houses in the adjacent neighborhood.  The structure is concrete with an external steel skeleton.  The natural textures and colors will be similar to the bridge colors and forms.  The park fixtures (table, benches, etc.) will not be in place until next spring and will also consist of natural colors and lines so that the park is visually appealing.

Memorial Garden

The memorial garden planter, near the corner of Ralston Road and Garrison Street, is nearing completion.  Final work is being done to prepare the garden for the Hernor Memorial stone that will sit in the middle of the garden.  The stone will be delivered soon.  Landscaping in the garden will depend on the weather.  Any landscaping that is not completed this fall will be done in the spring.  The sidewalk connections along Ralston Road will be finished as soon as Xcel Energy removes the remaining poles.  There will be steps on the east end of the property, near the Cattleman’s building and the accessible route will continue along the sidewalk to access points closer to Garrison Street.


Mike Lee, Parks Manager
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