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New Director for Vibrant Community and Neighborhoods

The City has announced that Dr. Enessa Janes will serve as the City’s next Director of Vibrant Community and Neighborhoods. Dr. Janes has worked for the City for five years, most recently as the Deputy Director of Vibrant Community and Neighborhoods. Dr. Janes

“We are excited and pleased to have Enessa return to the City of Arvada. She is a strong leader and supportive manager who will build on the past success of the Vibrant Community and Neighborhoods team and support new initiatives that will serve our community in the future,” said City Manager Mark Deven. 

Vibrant Community and Neighborhoods includes Parks and Urban Design, Parks Maintenance, Golf Course Management and Maintenance, Hospitality, Majestic View Nature Center, and Housing Preservation and Resources. The mission of the department is to provide housing and homlessness resources, parks, urban design, golf, event, trails and environmental education services to the Arvada community and visitors. 

“I’m incredibly grateful to serve my community and to support the work of our talented and dedicated City of Arvada team,” said Dr. Janes. “This is a pivotal and exciting time for our community. I look forward to supporting Arvada on our journey forward.” 

Dr. Janes is a professional certified planner experienced in parks, climate resilience and urban design. Her extensive planning experience includes work in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Prior to serving as Deputy Director, Dr. Janes managed the City of Arvada’s Community Resilience and Emergency Management programs. Additionally, Dr. Janes has served as a planning and risk communication consultant for FEMA Headquarters and Region VIII communities, and as a water quality assessor with The Asia Foundation’s Mongolia branch. Dr. Janes holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Earth Systems from Stanford University and a Master of Science Communication degree from Stanford University. She also holds a Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Colorado Denver. Dr. Janes grew up in Colorado and, along with her husband, son and daughter, is a proud Arvada resident.