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City of Arvada Streamlines Commercial Sales Tax Filings with Online Portal

The City of Arvada, in partnership with the Colorado Department of Revenue and the Governor’s Office of Information Technology, has joined Colorado’s Sales and Use Tax System (SUTS) online portal, which will make it easier for local businesses to file sales tax returns and review related information.

The SUTS portal will allow vendors engaged in businesses in Colorado to file sales tax returns for the participating home-rule jurisdictions, state, and state-administered jurisdictions, from one convenient online portal at The portal also includes a Geographic Information System (GIS) that allows businesses to find the tax rate of any jurisdiction simply by entering an address. Key features of the portal include:

  • Single point of remittance and a uniform remittance form

  • GIS tax rate lookup tool

  • Taxability and exemption matrix

  • Ability to calculate tax rates on items with differing tax rates in the same jurisdiction

  • A record of the history of any changes 

The SUTS initiative is a key step in simplifying the tax collection and remittance process for the business community, and City representatives have been involved in the development of SUTS since the beginning. "The City of Arvada has been an active team member of the SUTS initiative. We feel very strongly that the implementation of this tool will streamline the remittance process for all of the entities doing business in Arvada,” said Arvada Finance Director Bryan Archer.

Colorado has a unique tax landscape with 223 tax jurisdictions, of which 71 jurisdictions are home-rule self-collecting tax jurisdictions. These jurisdictions can establish their own tax base, requiring businesses to file and remit tax directly to the municipality/county.

The SUTS portal will be a vital tool in simplifying the collection and remittance of sales tax for businesses of all sizes in the state of Colorado. For more information about the SUTS portal, visit Questions regarding the City’s collection of sales and use tax can be directed to 720-898-7101 or