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City Launches Updated Ask Arvada

Starting today, it gets a lot easier for members of the Arvada community to ask a question or request a City of Arvada service online. The City has launched an updated version of its online, 24/7 digital service request tool, Ask Arvada, which is accessible at

Improvements in the update include a more intuitive and easy-to-use customer experience focused on search and the ability to find answers to questions or request services from any page on the City’s website The updated system will also be easier to maintain by the City team, which will be able to access more detailed analytics that will be used to help improve response times and service accuracy.

“The City team prides itself on service excellence, and supporting our community’s ability to engage with its local government, access services and find information,” said City Manager Mark Deven. “The new Ask Arvada is the next step in our continuing journey to deliver superior services to enhance the lives of everyone in our community.”


Users of the new system will have the ability to easily search for a specific service or browse terms and frequently asked questions. In addition, the new system is mobile responsive and easily accessed by using an internet browser on mobile devices. As part of the upgrade a mobile application will no longer be necessary for an efficient user experience, and the current GoGov app will be retired effective Aug. 20.

To access the Ask Arvada system, visit or use the “Ask for help” tab on the left side of any page on the City’s website. For information about other ways to engage with the City of Arvada, visit