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Arvada City Council releases statement regarding the death of George Floyd

June 11, 2020

Fellow Arvadans,

We remain horrified by the senseless death of George Floyd through the actions of members of the Minneapolis Police Department. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends, and the people and communities across the country who are demanding renewed focus on racial equity and policing. We recognize the importance of this dialogue as well as the responsibility we have as a City and community to take part in it, to listen to each other, self-reflect and recommit to actions that make Arvada a welcoming and inclusive community.

Your City Council, along with advisory boards and commissions and the City team, is dedicated to serving those who live, play, and visit Arvada. We are proud of Arvada, particularly now as we work together to address a global pandemic and the resulting economic crisis. We are also proud that many in our community are moved by what happened to George Floyd and are seeking positive ways to respond. It is right to listen and reflect, and it is right to act for change and to hold our local government, including the police, accountable for results and the manner in which those results are achieved.

Along with peaceful protest and constructive discussion across our community, we have also seen unfounded, and at times vulgar, verbal and written attacks on the Arvada Police Department. While we embrace the opportunity to learn and improve, we also affirm Arvada as a community where we seek to understand in an open and respectful manner. Inappropriate and unproductive insults and vandalism towards our public safety team only delay the process of learning from each other. On the other hand, we appreciate comments, questions and efforts to learn more about what the City is doing to maintain and grow a positive culture on our team (including our Police Department) to be accountable and to do our best for every community member.

Learning and working together is how Arvada responds to the moment and how we will respond to the current opportunity to improve support for diversity, inclusivity and equity across all facets of our organization and the community. Recent events make clear the mistrust, fear, and pain people feel across our country, and here in Arvada, we must pause and listen to each other. The City will continue a dialogue with the community, built in part on our Police Department’s neighborhood-based engagement approach, through online and person-to-person discussion.

The City is also taking the opportunity to review policies and processes across the organization to ensure they support a community that respects and values individual differences, addresses inequities that disadvantage certain people, and reflects and involves the community we serve. By committing to this opportunity, we believe that we will truly honor our Mission Statement which calls us To be Dedicated to Delivering Superior Services to Enhance the Lives of EVERYONE in Our Community. 

Thank you for being a part of Arvada and working to make it a better home for everyone.

Marc Williams, Mayor
Dot Miller, Mayor Pro Tem
Bob Fifer, At-large
Nancy Ford, District 1
Lauren Simpson, District 2
John Marriott, District 3
David Jones, District 4