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City Completes Review of Council Recall Petitions

On June 9, 2020 the City of Arvada City Clerk's Office received notices of intent to circulate recall petitions for four councilmembers: Dot Miller (at-large), Bob Fifer (at-large), Nancy Ford (District 1) and Lauren Simpson (District 2).

The number of signature totals required for a recall process to occur are determined by City Code; 25 percent of the total votes cast for each council seat in the last preceding election. The completed petitions were received in the City Clerk’s Office and went through a rigorous auditing process to determine if the requirements to conduct a recall were met. All of the petitions have been deemed insufficient and have been rejected based on the following information:

  • Miller and Fifer (at-large) petitions: The City did not receive signatures for the Miller or Fifer petitions by their respective Aug. 24 and 25 deadlines, and as a result, these petitions were deemed insufficient and were rejected. 
  • Nancy Ford (District 1) petition - The City received 1,256 signatures by the deadline. An analysis found that 266 of them were invalid due to factors such as the signer's address being outside of District 1, duplicate signatures, incomplete information, etc. The recall effort required 1,102 valid signatures, and because the City could verify only 990 of those received, the petition was deemed insufficient and was rejected.
  • Lauren Simpson (District 2) petition: The City received 112 of the 2,170 required signatures by the deadline, and as a result, these petitions were deemed insufficient and were rejected. 

For additional information, download the Certificates of Insufficiency.

Certificate of Insufficiency (Recall Petitions--Councilmembers Ford, Fifer and Miller)

Certificate of Insufficiency (Recall Petition--Councilmember Simpson)