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2013 Election Results


Complete City of Arvada election results from the November 5, 2013 election are below. Results provided are "Final Unofficial." In Colorado, there are several post-Election Day processes that the counties need to complete, including any Military and Overseas ballots.  The final canvas is completed at a later date.

Please click on the links below for the results tabulated by the County Clerks.

Jefferson County Results

Adams County Results

City of Arvada Final Unofficial Results


Ascenzo DiGiacomo         Jeffco votes 12,755  43.63%         Adams votes  198  37.93%      Total votes: 12,953

Don Allard                        Jeffco votes 16,479  56.37%         Adams votes  324  62.07%      Total votes: 16,803



Rachel Zenzinger             Jeffco votes  5,690   100%



Ted Terranova                  Jeffco votes  2,697  39.01%

John Marriott                   Jeffco votes  3,258  47.12%

Justin Vicory                   Jeffco votes     959  13.87%