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Development Projects Interactive Map

Public hearings for development cases are being held virtually. Please visit Planning Commission or Board of Adjustments for information on how to participate.

Developments Under Review

Use our interactive map for an updated list of developments under review by the Community and Economic Development Department.  Certain types of development projects, such as minor modifications, vacating street or sidewalk right-of-way, and some site plan reviews are not included in the lists.

Properties that are under review and pending approval through a public hearing are required by the Land Development code to be posted with a sign and notify all adjacent property owners within 500 ft. Please review the map for information about the projects that are approved through public hearing.

Image of a sign at the property location

Properties posted with a development review sign are pending public hearing by the Planning Commission or by City Council. If you have more questions, please contact us at or by calling 720-898-7435.


 Developments Under Review Map



Public Hearing Resources

Planning Commission and City Council both hold public hearings for development projects when required by the Land Development Code. Click on the green buttons to view agendas for more detailed information about proposed developments.


 Planning Commission




 City Council