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Parks and Urban Design


The Park and Urban Design program directs the planning, acquisition, design and construction of new parks, trail areas, and preservation of open space areas throughout the city. The division also coordinates the capital maintenance plan for existing parks, develops project priorities, and bids and supervises major repair projects in existing parks.

Division staff is responsible for review and approval of all new landscape architecture in Arvada, currently active from Gold Line work east of Sheridan Boulevard to S.H. 93 and west into the foothills. Once approved and work is completed, staff inspects the new landscape installations for plan compliance.  In addition to landscape, Division staff evaluates new development responsible for dedication of park, trail and open space properties consistent with Arvada's Park, Trail and Open Space Master Plans. Developers are then obligated to design and build park, trail and open space improvements consistent with Arvada standards, or pay Park Development Fees and Fees in Lieu of Land Dedication.  Staff involvement starts with review of conceptual plans until construction drawings are approved and again through construction in an ongoing dialog with developers, their designers and their contractors until the project is completed. 

The division also works closely with Jefferson County Open Space, the Apex Park and Recreation District and other public and private agencies in acquisitions, grants, reimbursement and planning projects.


  • Jefferson County Open Space Reimbursement
  • Grant Proposals
  • Capital Maintenance Program
  • Capital Improvement Program
  • Land Acquisition
  • Water Conservation Program
  • Long Range Planning
  • Plan Review and Landscape Inspection
  • Design Services to Other Departments and Other Agencies
  • Customer Service/Coordination with Special Interest Group
  • Apex Assistance
  • Arvada Parks Advisory Committee

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